Fibre2Fashion is one of the main resources available for buyers and suppliers in the textile industry. It’s been catering to apparel businesses around the world since 2000. If you work in the textile industry in any capacity, you’ll find the online marketplace useful for business expansion and networking with global retailers.

The platform has over 700,000 registered members, including several Fortune 500 companies. It targets both small and large-scale businesses in countries like India, Russia, Turkey, China, and the US. Despite its concentrated scope, its global outreach is quite impressive.

However, like all online platforms, it runs the risk of scams and other cybersecurity threats. If you’re thinking of joining Fibre2Fashion, you should know how the platform works and whether or not it has legit security measures.

Luckily for you, here’s a complete guide on whether or not Fibre2Fashion is legit:

What Is Fibre2Fashion?

Unlike other wholesalers such as Alibaba and AliExpress, Fibre2Fashion is industry-specific. It is a company based in Ahmedabad in India’s Gujarat province. It was founded to enhance the textile industry as a whole, having established a firm digital presence in almost 190 countries.

Their sellers delve into multiple categories. These include customized garments (for men, women, and children), loose fabric, furnishing fabrics, and fashion accessories

Other categories target production needs for textile companies, including textile raw materials such as yarn, cotton, and leather, footwear, dyes and chemicals, industrial fabrics, and textile-related equipment and machinery.

The website has over 1800 product listings, which cater to all sorts of designing, manufacturing, and production needs.

You can ask for help with nearly anything. Fibre2Fashion links you to designers, consultants, trade-fair organizers, software providers, and even fashion and textile institutes.

What Services Does Fibre2Fashion Offer?


Fibre2Fashion services are pretty comprehensive. If you’re a small business, you’ll have to invest in one of their membership plans to utilize the benefits.

Here are the main benefits you can receive from Fibre2Fashion:


Overall, the platform provides two types of membership plans. Both buyers and sellers can’t connect without signing up. You may be wary about putting your money up. However, this step verifies both your identity and that of other users.

Not to mention, there are some great perks. In the ‘Corporate Membership’ plan, users get access to most of the site’s resources, including business networking, sourcing, and PR and brand promotion.

In the ‘Premium’ plan, users can access some more VIP features such as priority listings, brand awareness boosting, and the site’s B2B Trade App. With the premium plan, you can focus more on brand visibility and product integration into the online market.

Specialized Market Research

Another excellent resource on the site is specialized market research. Over the years, Fibre2Fashion has developed its research services in the form of TexPro. This database is the ultimate tool for everyone in the textile industry.

It provides information on raw material prices in the global market, import and export data, and provides analysis of brands and retailers on the platform. With the latter information, you can track your financial health and easily cultivate better business strategies.

TexPro also has profiles on all countries that have dabblings in the textile industry. For instance, if you need to know a country’s trade policies, you can just search it up on the database. Similarly, you can also access GDP rates, raw material production statistics, and much more.

Is Fibre2Fashion Legit?

The site sounds pretty impressive but, is it too good to be true? The answer is no. Fibre2Fashion has been around for decades and has cultivated a favorable reputation in the market. This is largely due to its focus on authenticity and high-level security measures.

For example, if you’re a Fibre2Fashion user, you must have a Trust Sign Certificate. This certificate verifies your company as a legal institution.

You must submit authentication details to a third-party credit agency. These details include your business license, tax registration, nationality, address, and phone number. In this way, you can rest assured that everyone around you has been vetted.

Overall, Fibre2Fashion is legit. This doesn’t mean you can’t get scammed. After all, no site is ever completely safe from such activities. However, the threat is minimal as the Trust Sign system works pretty well.

Currently, the site has many prominent clients across the globe. Some examples include Garment Events, NeoChem Technologies, and DB Creations. These are all well-known textile development and apparel companies in India.


To sum it up, you should consider investing in a Fibre2Fashion membership. The site not only connects you to relevant sources and buyers, but also gives you insight into the entire global textile industry.

The features help your business interests in various ways. As such, buying a membership is undoubtedly worth it. If you’re worried about scams, simply watch out for scamming signs. However, you’re relatively safe on Fibre2Fashion.