What Is DHGate?

DHGate is one of the largest B2B e-commerce marketplaces that facilitate cross-border trade. The company aims to enable buyers to purchase products from anywhere around the world and at any time.

Statistically stating, the company has 2.2 million sellers globally and over 26 million individual buyers and enterprises from all over the world. A positive aspect of the website is that it offers multilingual sales in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and Turkish.

Not to mention, the website is not only diverse in terms of languages but it also has a diverse product listing. It offers 22 million products from different categories such as:

  • Apparel
  • Automobile parts
  • Luggage and bags
  • Technology accessories
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverages etc. 

Pros and Cons of using DHGate

-The website is quite reasonable compared to its peers and even cheaper for bulk orders.
-They also offer various deals and coupons.
-The website is multilingual and can facilitate people globally by shrinking language barriers.
-The website offers 22 million products which means a buyer can have all his needs fulfilled through one platform.    
– The majority of the sellers are located in China which delays the shipment to USA and Europe.
– The promotion on the website is insufficient.
– The products that have more online visibility are of the old sellers and new sellers do not get much exposure.
-Shipment is pretty slow for single units, and when buying in bulk the cost of the shipment increases exponentially.

Is DHGate Legit?

YES! Whilst auditing the company’s reviews, one might find many people complain about the product quality; hence, the suspicion of the website is a scam or fraud.

The website does not sell its products; instead, it is an avenue for others to showcase their offerings. Therefore, many people may have complaints, but the website is absolutely legit.

DHGate has been a participant in international e-commerce and a member of the Asia-Pacific economic corporation. Being a part of such initiatives verifies the legitimacy of the platform.


When you skim through the products on the website, you will notice that many products are relatively cheaper than the prices offered on other websites. Due to this, many people also perceive that the quality of the products must not be up to the standard, or the product may be defective in nature. However, these reasons may not be true.

Chances are that the product you are purchasing is being sold by the manufacturer, instead of a middle man or third party. This means the reduction in cost results in a reduction in prices.

Also, the website may contain counterfeited products. Therefore, it is advised to conduct proper research before deciding on a seller to avoid any mishap, as many sellers sell copies of original products at much lower prices which may not be satisfactory in quality.

Reasons Why Some People Think DHGate Is a Scam

When reaching an e-commerce website for purchasing goods, people usually call the website a scam if their experience was not satisfactory. However, in a majority of the cases, the fault is not of the website but of the sellers.

Here are some reasons why people may consider the DHGate website a scam.

1) Delayed Response of the Sellers

One of the most common reasons for considering DHGate or any other e-commerce website to be a fraud is the delayed response of the sellers.

Mostly, sellers will sound cooperative and concerned regarding your order before the delivery, but as soon as you receive your order and have queries, they will take days to reach out to you. Pondering on this situation explains multiple reasons behind in-efficiency in post-sales service.

Many sellers on the website are running the entire venture themselves, which means they have to take care of everything from posting products on the website, marketing, communicating with customers, to providing after-sales services.

2)  Negligence Towards Return/Refund Demand

The second reason for considering the website a scam is the sellers’ negligent behavior towards return/refund demands. If the buyer receives something different from what he had ordered, or the shipment was delayed by many days, then he has the right to demand a refund/return.

Usually, sellers are cooperative towards bulk orders because of their value and to avoid negative reviews and word of mouth. So, if you ordered something of high value, then the seller will probably be biased towards you.

However, there are bad sellers on the website, only interested in making quick cash that one should steer clear of.

3) Delay in Delivery 

The third reason is that under some circumstances, the delivery may take longer than usual. Consequently, buyers will consider the website to be a fraud.

The normal delivery time, if you select DHL or FedEx for shipping is 5-10 days. However, there could be multiple reasons for the delayed delivery. For instance, if there is a holiday, it may cause disturbance in the shipping process. Covid is also a reason for delayed shipment.

Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed on Dhgate

Though the website is safe, one should still be cautious and avoid any risks. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed on the website. 

1) Avoid Bulk Buying:

 If you are new on the website and placing an order the first time, then order a small amount of goods. This is to assess the quality of goods and the performance of the seller you are dealing with. If the transaction did not yield satisfactory results for you, then you can locate other sellers or switch to a different website. 

2) Check Reviews of the Sellers:

When you are searching for a seller, do check the reviews they have received by other buyers. Being skeptical and thoughtful will help you make the right choice. This includes checking service score, review score, sellers’ date of establishment on the website etc.

3) Do Not Confirm the Delivery of Your Order until You Have Received It

DHGate holds the payments made by the buyer when the order is in the shipping process and disburses the amount to the seller when the delivery has been confirmed by the buyer through their account.

If you confirm delivery and later receive a defective product or do not receive anything at all, then it will not be possible to claim a refund or open a dispute on the website.

However, if you have not confirmed the delivery and later receive a defective product, then you can confer with your seller and if he does not cooperate, then open a dispute on the website.

4) Do Not Fall For the Advertisements

When we shop online, we witness a common practice of the sellers that they edit and Photoshop the pictures to make them likeable, and the same goes for using eye-catching phrases and descriptions. Many sellers also post low prices for the goods to lure customers but later charge higher prices.

Ask the seller to send raw pictures from different angles to assess the product. This would help you to have a clear perspective of the seller.

How to Find a Seller on the Website?

Since it is no longer a surprise that many buyers perceive DHGate to be a scam, a relevant question would be how to steer clear of potential scams and frauds? 

It is essential to find a good seller especially when you are buying in bulk because you do not want to compromise on quality. 

Following are some tips to avoid unforeseen scams:

  1. Find sellers who deal in a particular type of product instead of offering multiple product listings. This is an important piece of advice because a seller offering multiple products may not have sufficient experience and knowledge of the product he is selling.
  2. Advertisements and enticing pictures are a tactic to lure customers into buying a product. Find yourself a seller who is open to providing all the product details to wash off your doubts.
  3. Check ratings and reviews of the sellers prior to finalizing orders is a good way to audit several sellers and choosing a reliable one.

Is DHGate a Safe Platform?

The following protective measures and controls by the website will enable one to decide whether to consider DHGate a safe platform or not. Because many times misunderstandings in the buyers’ mind are caused by inadequacy of information.

  1. Supplier Registration Requirements: In order to access the website and reap benefits from it, suppliers have to provide some details to the website. Individual sellers have to provide ID card and company sellers need to provide a business charter.

Therefore, it is strictly advised to the buyers to check the suppliers’ details before confirming an order. While checking personal details, one should also check the suppliers’ response time and reviews of previous clients.

2. DHGate Delivery Time: the delivery time varies depending on certain variables. If the region where the goods are being transported to is far then delivery will probably take longer. Similarly, when the goods are purchased in bulk or a product that you ordered in out of stock then delivery will be delayed.

It also depends on your choice of shipment method; sea freight takes longer than air freight. DHGate’s average delivery time is from 3 to 7 days. Though, it varies due to above stated factors.


  1. How to Cancel an Order Which Was Not Received on Time

To ameliorate and protect buyers’ rights, DHGate also provides an option to cancel an order. The method of cancelling an order may vary depending on timing and circumstances. 

You can cancel your order if the shipment is delayed or if you ordered multiple times etc.

2. Secure Payment Methods

DHGate accepts payments through following methods:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Western union
  • Online bank transfer
Credit cards  Dhgate offers payments through credit card which is much more convenient than other payment options; because payments can be easily traced, and you can make payments
PayPalIf you choose PayPal as an option to make payments to the website, then you will have to head to the PayPal site and make disburse payments. This method is also very convenient and traceable.
Online bank transferThe method is pretty easy. You can make on-the-spot payments by entering your PIN and transfer the amount to DHGate’s account directly.

DHGate holds the payments made by the buyers during the transaction and releases the amount once the buyer confirms the delivery of his order.

5. Return and refund options

DHGate gate offers very safe return and refund options for the buyers. Frankly speaking, the website may even be biased towards the buyers more than the sellers; if a return/refund dispute arises, buyers will benefit more than the sellers.

There are two situations in which return and refund options arise: either the buyer did not receive the products, or the products were not as per description. 

If the products do not match the description, then you can either accept a half refund and keep the products of a full refund and return the products to the brand. The seller is liable to bear the freight charges either way. 

The process is straightforward, if one needs a refund or return, then the buyer must contact the seller, submit a proposal/request mentioning all the reasons, and the seller will approach the buyer eventually.

How to Open a Dispute on DHGate?

It is important for buyers to know their options while ordering in bulk; because they may find the need to return the products to the seller. If you confirmed delivery and later had any objection, then you should contact the seller first and request cooperation.

However, if the seller does not cooperate, then you can open a dispute on the website. There are two things that can happen when you request for return and refund: the seller will either agree to your request or he would disagree.

The seller can also refuse your proposal and submit a new one. It is up to you whether you accept it or not. The bottom line of the process yields a mutual agreement which would satisfy both the parties.


The article summarizes all the aspects of the DHGate website. Though the website is safe and offers various protocols to facilitate buyers’ protection, the website still needs to take more safety measures such as inquiring about the sellers and listing out the fraudulent ones.

Needless to say, the buyers should also be vigilant while placing orders because they might face dishonest sellers.