Change is a constant phenomenon in life, and things may change to provide us with better opportunities and outcomes. Similarly, with the increasing trend of globalization, the use of business intelligence websites has also increased.

Now people prefer using websites such as ImportGenius and Panjiva to extract meaningful information, increase global trade opportunities, and increase their clientele.



To begin with, ImportGenius provides business intelligence data for the import-export industry that would facilitate global trade.

The website tracks down the worldwide shipping-related activity of all companies to tell about the import-export business around the world.

It is one of the easiest ways to find out about suppliers, connect with customers, and learn about the supply chain.

The website has successfully done 212,265,755 shipment, 208,742,110 imports, and 3,523,645.

The data available on the website are sourced from the customs bureau of the particular country. So one can simply select a country and access data related to suppliers, buyers, freight forwarders, and lots more.

The data is available in numerous countries of North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

The services offered by ImportGenius are the evaluation of suppliers, monitoring the activities and moves of your competitors, researching potential global markets that one’s company could penetrate.


Much similar to ImportGenius is another business intelligence platform offering numerous services which is called Panjiva. Panjiva is a global trade data company based in New York City.

The website is a subscription-based portal with import and export data on shipments worldwide. The website was founded by Josh Green and James Psota in the year 2006, later on in the year 2018; Panjiva was acquired by S&P global.

The website is a holy grail for people who require data for any purpose, as the website extracts data from a number of third-party sources and customs agencies and organizes it.

Some of the well-known commercial data sources used by the website are Dun & Bradstreet, ZoomInfo, and Kompass. The website collects and organizes data from different sources so that companies can use it for international trade.

The website helps its clients utilize data in a number of ways and for different reasons.

For instance, buyers can find manufacturers and suppliers overseas, one can track the activities of competitors like who do they source material from and how many sales do they incur, and one can also gain insight on global trade trends.

Panjiva, ImportGenius,, and give one another tough competition in the business intelligence world.

A comprehensive comparison between both the websites is given in the table below.

Services providedImportGenius will help you evaluate different suppliers, monitor the activities and moves of your competitors, research numerous global markets that one could penetrate, and find sales prospects.On Panjiva, one could create a list of qualified suppliers, track competitors’ imports and exports. Listing suppliers on Panjiva is much easier compared to Importgenius. Moreover, Panjiva helps you with logistics so that you can grow your market share by penetrating different markets with ease. Panjiva also provides a trade promotion service.
PricingImportGenius offers three different types of pricing plans to its customers: Starter, plus, and premium.
The starter package is $149, plus the package is for $199 per month, and the premium package is $399 per month.
On Panjiva’s website, there is no information provided in terms of pricing plans. This is a common practice for data vendors; however, one can get to know the prices by contacting Panjiva(S&P).
Data sourceImportGenius has comprehensive trade data on more than 14 countries. The list includes Russia, India, the United States, Columbia, Venezuela, etc.The website extracts data from numerous third-party sources and customs bureaus.  Some of the well-known commercial data sources used by the website are Dun & Bradstreet, ZoomInfo, and Kompass.
Website structureImportGenius is known for having an easy website platform that is easily used by data consumers.
The information is detailed and straightforward therefore one does not have to spend a lot of time searching for the right information.
The website of Panjiva is somewhat complicated and there is limited information on the website due to which it may not be that helpful for the users.


The concluding point of this article is that both Panjiva and ImportGenius are two highly compatible websites that not only provide top-notch business intelligence data.

In addition, facilitate international trade and make it convenient for businesses to track their competitor’s activities, source goods from potential suppliers, hire freight forwarders who can make the shipment process easier, and finally increase your clientele.

There are some aspects in which Panjiva is a suitable option, for instance, Panjiva enables you to create a complete list of qualified suppliers, form logistics contracts, and one can also do trade promotion through the website.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks as well for instance, on the website of Panjiva, there is no information regarding the pricing plans available, so one has to contact personally.

The Panjiva platform’s website is complicated causing difficulty for clients to understand and access it.

Similarly, there are certain pros and cons for Importgenius as well.

For instance, ImportGenius offers different pricing plans for the convenience of its customers, the website is easy to operate and more convenient compared to Panjiva, but at the same time, ImportGenius does not provide a trade promotion service.

Therefore, depending on the type of business and one’s needs, and after assessing many factors one should decide which business intelligence website to go for.