Reliable trade data is fundamental to any import-export business. As such, it is unsurprising that ImportGenius, with its extensive database and range of services, is a widely used software in the trade industry. However, for startups and small businesses, it isn’t a budget-friendly option.

If you’re looking for alternatives to ImportGenius, you’re in luck. There are multiple options available in the market. Although they aren’t entirely free, these alternatives are undoubtedly better suited to small-scale businesses.

Let’s take a look:

1. Descartes Datamyne

Firstly, there’s Descartes Datamyne, which is considered ImportGenius’s main competitor. Founded in 1992, it has an extensive ISO-certified trade database, which contains information from over 230 global markets.

The service caters to a diverse set of industries, ranging from food and beverage companies to chemical manufacturers. In October 2015, the company acquired Zepol, which was another reputable trading software.

Zepol provided trade statistics and analysis to transportation companies. As such, Descartes Datamyne gained their expertise. Currently, the company is primarily known for its customizable packages, which provide solutions as per the client’s needs.

In this way, the company is a smart solution for small-scale businesses as they aid in market research, supplier searches, and trade logistics. If a client is inexperienced, they will even provide training services.

Primary Services:

  • Connect traders and suppliers
  • Predict data trends
  • Customizable trade solutions
  • In-person and online training
  • Legal services (import-export based)
  • Financial services


The company offers personalized pricing as each package is different. In this way, Descartes Datamyne may be a better solution than ImportGenius as clients can negotiate the price with the service. 

2. Panjiva

Another similar site to ImportGenius is Panjiva. Established in 2006, Panjiva is based in the United States, having its headquarters near New York City. It’s one of the best services in the market due to its focus on enhanced analytics and machine learning.

On the whole, the service is an excellent choice for inexperienced individuals as the software focuses on user-friendly data visualizations. You simply need to customize your data focus. The software, through its machine learning capabilities, tracks trends and developments for you.

The overall Panjiva platform is all-encompassing with its emphasis on both standardized and personalized trade data. As such, the service helps you with trade logistics, cutting down costs in the long term.  

Primary Services:

  • Market share analysis
  • Business risks analysis and solutions
  • Transaction services
  • Deep industry data (through the S&P Global Intelligence feature)
  • Access to expert’s advice
  • Data management solutions


Panjiva offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The monthly subscriptions are free of cost whereas the annual subscriptions require payment. However, for the latter subscription, you can request a free demo.

Be mindful, though. The free version has fewer features than the paid version. If you are interested in a specific feature, ensure the free version covers it. If not, consider upgrading or requesting a demo.

3. Importkey

Importkey is an excellent trade navigation service. If you’re interested in trend updates and prediction, Importkey consistently delivers accurate import and export data. It’s a highly proficient tool for startups and businesses looking for real-time data analysis.

Their services are particularly geared towards US-based clients. As such, their database mainly has insight into the US trade industry. However, they also cover certain European and East Asian countries. You can check through their FAQ section.

Primary Services:

  • Product search and filters
  • Sourcing connections
  • Investment guidance
  • Insight into US trade data


Importkey’s pricing depends on the business type. For startups, the service has cheaper and more sustainable packages. Similarly, for businesses and enterprises, the service provides more extensive and wide-scale features.

4. Bamboo Rose

Lastly, Bamboo Rose is also a reputable ImportGenius competitor. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company has been in operation since 2003. Overall, its major selling point is its organizational features and extensive sourcing platform.

If you choose Bamboo Rose, you get specialized access to retailers and suppliers in China. Therefore, this service is the best choice for those having major trade relations with Chinese suppliers.

Most users also praise the software’s interface, which is easy to navigate and integrate into your workplace. The organizational features allow you to customize each data sheet in the display bar. As such, you can track your major data points more efficiently. 

Primary Services:

  • Order and sales management
  • Access to over 600 brands and 85 retailers
  • Sourcing facilitation through B2B marketplace
  • In-house product inspections


In sum, Bamboo Rose has a hybrid pricing system. Some features such as order tracking are available for free. However, advanced features such as risk mitigation analysis and product lifecycle management are available via monthly subscriptions.


The best free alternatives to ImportGenius in 2021 are Descartes Datamyne, Panjiva, Importkey, and Bamboo Rose.


All in all, you don’t necessarily have to invest in ImportGenius. As you’ve learned in this article, there are multiple reliable alternatives to the service, many of which have cheaper or free subscriptions.

Therefore, you should evaluate which service will better match your brand requirements. After all, investing in the right trade software is essential in ensuring smooth imports and exports.