Alibaba is the most popular business-to-business platform created to connect buyers with suppliers, primarily from China. Alibaba has made it very easy for companies to choose a particular manufacturer for certain products of their choice.

It cuts down the cost to a great extent, and products are shipped directly to the companies.

Finding a good supplier will solve all the problems for companies looking forward to starting a business of selling products online.

However, finding a trustworthy supplier is not a piece of cake because many scams are happening online nowadays. As such, this article will walk you through the process of checking if an Alibaba supplier is legit or not.

Alibaba Supplier

Alibaba Suppliers

It is effortless to find a wholesale supplier at a low cost on Alibaba. There are many choices of suppliers available on Alibaba, which is why it can be very overwhelming for the company sometimes.

Customer Service Scams:

Just because there is much fish in the sea does not mean it is of good quality. The type of scams that are happening on Alibaba by the suppliers include:

  • Packaging scams
  • Shipping time scams

and a lot more!

This article will provide you enough information so you can quickly check if an Alibaba supplier is a scam or legit.

How to Look for Suppliers?

When you are on Alibaba, you are looking for suppliers. It is more important to look for authentic suppliers rather than products. You can utilize the options of Trade Assurance and Assessed Suppliers on Alibaba to find the right one.

What You Can Do? 

Let’s discuss the remedies for when you are going to a scam because of an Alibaba supplier.

 Use Trade Assurance:

Trade Assurance is a free-of-cost service that Alibaba offers on its website. This service will have your back in case the products do not get shipped on time, or you do not receive them at all. You get a full refund from Alibaba.

How to Check if an Alibaba Supplier is Legitimate?


Look for Verified Suppliers:

You should always look for verified suppliers because you are less likely to get scammed by them. These are the suppliers that a third-party company has inspected. The suppliers are mainly from China or Taiwan. You can check on the Alibaba profile of the supplier whether they are verified or not.

Gold Suppliers:

You should check the buttons on the profile that says Trade Assurance, Gold suppliers, and Assessed suppliers. This way, you will be good to go, and there will be no chance of getting scammed.

Check Ratings:

There is an option to check for reviews and ratings for a supplier on Alibaba. Before selecting specific suppliers, you should always check their reviews and find out what other buyers think about them.

Ways to Verify Suppliers

Once you have selected some suppliers, you can shortlist them further. Make sure that you do enough research and find out about them before working with them.

Check the below-mentioned information about a supplier.

 1. License for Business

 2. Type of Business

 3. Duration of selling on Alibaba

 4. Certifications

 5. Client Reviews

Additional Tip: When you want to find out whether an Alibaba supplier is legitimate or not, you should Google their name along with keywords like scams and bad reviews.

If there are any bad reviews about them available on the Internet, they will show right up on your screen, and you will know that this is not the supplier for you!

Alibaba Supplier

Why Should You Look for Gold Suppliers?

When you want to work with authentic suppliers on Alibaba, it is always essential to find gold suppliers. It is because they have paid a hefty membership fee to get the gold status on Alibaba.

Scammers never pay a higher price to get the membership, and they always work with free Alibaba accounts.

Duration of Gold Status

You can check the duration of gold status attained by a supplier by going on their profile. If they have maintained this status for a long time, they are less likely to be scammers. It means that you can easily trust them and get your products shipped from them through Alibaba.

Common Scams by Suppliers

 1. Branded Products:

It would help if you stay away from suppliers on Alibaba who claim to sell branded products at a meagre price. It is very fishy, and when it is happening, you should know there is something wrong. Stay away from suppliers who are claiming to sell licensed products related to sports.

 2. Increments in Price:

This is the most common type of scam that happens on Alibaba. In this scam, the suppliers quote a lower price and then make increments in the price after the client has placed the order.

How to Save Yourself from this Scam?

You can save yourself from such a scam by having more than one option available for suppliers. You can always switch to a more trustworthy supplier and make sure that you always use the Trade Assurance option by Alibaba.


Scammers and fraudulent sellers are available in a lot of e-commerce businesses nowadays.

You cannot eliminate their presence but what you can do is save yourself from them.