Online shopping is quite challenging, especially for shopaholics. If you are one of the picky ones for shopping, you must be aware of Alibaba and DHGate. These are the top two choices among the people when they have to source something they require for their country.

DHGate vs. Alibaba

This article will be your complete guide in making a comparison between Alibaba and Dhgate so you can decide which one you should regularly use for your Sourcing needs.

Let’s dive right in to make a comparison, and let’s get shopping!

Comparison: Dhgate Vs. Alibaba – What to Choose?

Now here we’ve made a detailed comparison between Dhgate and Alibaba. This will help you choose the online market that best suits your desires and priorities during shopping.

So let’s have a comparison. Let’s see who wins, Dhgate or Alibaba?

 1. Product Categories:


The product categories that are available on Dhgate are diverse. The products include apparel, electronics, fashion accessories, lightning, customized bags, computers and networking, cell phones and accessories, and much more!


You can find everything that comes to your mind on Alibaba. Alibaba also has international affiliations with many countries, which means that you can get suppliers that deal in every product that you can think about.

The product categories of Alibaba are diverse too, and they include agriculture, food, apparel, electronics, electrical equipment, textiles, bags, health, packaging, machinery, and a lot more!

There are so many options to choose from on both websites, which is why there is tough competition between them.

2. Communication Procedure:


When it comes to Dhgate, it does not have a lot of communication methods available. Only two communication methods are available, which include:

However, just because less is available does not mean that it will not help you out in case of a query. Both of these methods are entirely safe, and your personal information will stay secure whenever you chat with the seller online.


Alibaba is two steps ahead when it comes to communication methods. Fore communication methods available by Alibaba include the following:

  • Chat now
  • Get the latest price
  • Start order
  • Contacting the supplier

 3. Types of Suppliers:


The suppliers on Dhgate deal in mid-sized factories and the total number of suppliers on Dhgate are 2.4 million. If you are thinking about starting an online supplier business, Dhgate will be the perfect option for you because of less competition and availability for mid-sized industries.


Alibaba has more than 3 million suppliers, and the suppliers are divided into three sectors, including small scale, mid-scale, and large scale. This is also why most of the time, people face and issue of different prices on Alibaba.

Large scale suppliers have a higher price as compared to small scale suppliers. When you are sourcing your products from a small-scale supplier, you should keep in mind that the quality of the products can be below.

 4. Protection Methods for Buyers:


Customers are always looking for ways to have a safe shopping experience online without any scams. Online shopping is indeed hazardous, and that is why buyer protection is crucial. Dhgate has taken precautions for this, and it offers a buyer protection program.

 It saves buyers a lot of money and has the lender long run. A refund policy along with a full refund is available by Dhgate.


Alibaba is one step ahead and provides a lot of buyer protection programs for their customers online. Alibaba has a Trade Assurance that holds money, and once you get satisfaction from the purchased item, you can release the money to the supplier.

 It is a fantastic method to make payments online in a secure way nowadays. It sounds like a buyer’s dream come true, right?

 5. Additional Features:


When customers shop online, they are always looking for additional features to satisfy them and make their shopaholics happy.

Dhgate offers some extra features like dropshipping, changing the language, coupon, and converting the product prices to some other currency of your choice.

All these features are convenient to have, especially when you are shopping online and in bulk.


Like always, Alibaba is one step ahead, and it offers more additional features and services than DHGate.

The other benefits of Alibaba include ready-to-ship products, inspection services, trade show data, seller discounts, multiple quotes options, and coupons.

Shipping Methods Comparison – Dhgate vs Alibaba

After choosing the products online, the next major very of customers is the shipment method and how they will receive the product to their doorstep. Shipment is a crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind when choosing the right online shopping website to have a great experience every single time.

Let’s make a comparison between Alibaba and DHgate shipping methods below.


DHGate offers a lot of different shipment methods. Dhgate is associated with popular shipment companies around the world. The supported shipping methods include

  • China Post
  • TNT
  • Singapore Post
  • HK Post
  • DHL
  • EMS
  • FedEx
  • Post Link


Alibaba is associated with shipment methods that deliver the products to the doorstep quickly compared to other services. The shipment methods of Alibaba include the following:

  • China Post
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx

Which Payment Method is Better?

Both of the shopping websites have popular shipment methods available, which is why a winner cannot be chosen. However, if you need your products as early as possible, we recommend you go with Dhgate.

DHGate vs. Alibaba


Q: Which website has a better payment method Alibaba or Dhgate?

A: Alibaba has a more secure payment method available which is called Alipay. You can use this payment method if you have a Chinese bank account as well.

Q: Are fake products available on Dhgate?

A: Dhgate does not deal in selling fake products. But it does have suppliers available who deal in a b-grade or a copy of products.

Q: Are coupons available on Alibaba?

A: Yes, coupons are available on Alibaba, and you can also get discounts from the sellers.


After going to this guide, you will be able to tell the significant differences between Alibaba and Dhgate. Both of the websites have their pros and cons. There are differences in the shipment methods and product categories of both online shopping websites.

After analyzing these factors, you will be able to make a firm decision on which site you should choose for your online shopping journey in the long run.