There is no doubt that people have plenty of queries when they are to new any platform. Especially when it comes to purchasing the products, services, or starting their own business, countless questions run on their minds. Thus, having the FAQs on the website is always helpful for the readers and the website strategy.

FAQs or frequently asked questions enable you to deal with customers’ specific questions about your business. Whether big or small, every shopping portal or B2B marketplace must have a section for FAQs.

Furthermore, many big e-commerce companies connect buyers and suppliers from the world and pay heed to FAQs. Similarly, is also one of the largest business-to-business marketplaces about which people have unlimited queries.

Undoubtedly, be it the suppliers or buyers, they must be wondering how to get answers to Alibaba FAQs surrounding the services and products?

Therefore, we have brought a long list that will answer the most frequently asked questions.

What trade terms should I use on Alibaba?

You should know basic trade terms such as FOB, CIF, and CFR. FOB is the most common trade term for Alibaba sellers, which stands for free on board.

On the other hand, CFR stands for cost and freight. This term is used by sellers when they have to pay shipping costs. Furthermore, CIF stands for cost insurance freight, an agreement between the supplier and buyer in a sale that includes export.

Can you buy single items from Alibaba?

If you’re good at negotiating with suppliers, you can easily buy single items. Nevertheless, the plus point is directly contacting the manufacturer to get high-volume discounts.

Why is Alibaba so Cheap?

Yes, the products sold here are comparatively cheap due to the low labor cost, minimum electricity charges, less consumer targeting, and items being sold in bulk.

Can I buy From Alibaba for Personal Use?

Whether you’re a company or an individual that wants to import from china, you can purchase from the manufacturer directly on Alibaba.

Can I buy from Alibaba without a Company?

Manufacturers featured by Alibaba work with both companies and individuals. Therefore, anyone can buy from this largest supply directory.

Can Anyone Buy from Alibaba?

Alibaba allows ordering in bulk so anyone can purchase anything.

Does Alibaba have Free Shipping?

Not all manufacturers allow free shipping because it depends on who you’re buying from; retailers and manufacturers set their prices. Moreover, it also depends on the weight of your goods. Manufacturers charge more for heavy items.

Are Alibaba Products Fake?

It is arguably true that every platform might have scammers so does Alibaba. However, people can make better choices and reduce risks.

You must know that branded goods on mean it’s a fraud. But still, you need to be cautious and do your due diligence, even when you’re looking for unbranded goods. Legit manufacturers offer cone type of product, cover only one product group, or handle the groups of similar products.


What is Alibaba’s Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance is a free service offered by This policy creates trust between sellers, buyers, and suppliers. Moreover, the trade Assurance covers you in the event of shipping matters or quality-related disputes.

Can you Dropship from Alibaba?

Yes, you can quickly start dropshipping with Alibaba.

Can you Pay Alibaba with Paypal?

Many sellers accept Paypal, but Alibaba doesn’t promote it as one of its prime payment methods.

Can I Pay Alibaba with Credit Card?

If you have a valid card and correct input information, you can make transactions via credit card.

Can I Pay Alibaba with M-pesa?

Customers now can make online purchases through mobile money service M-pesa because Kenya-based Safaricom struck a partnership with

Can I Pay Alibaba Transferwise?

You should consider using a multi-currency account if you have to pay in a different currency. It will allow help reduce the conversion fee.

Can I pay Alibaba with Paymaya?

The largest e-commerce B2B portal, Alibaba accepts all major cards such as credit cards, visa cards, MasterCard, and American express. Nevertheless, there is a 3% transaction fee while paying through a credit card.


Can you Integrate Alibaba with Shopify?

Shopify works with Alibaba. Go to, follow the instructions for adding the products, and then you’re ready to import.

Can You Get Free Samples from Alibaba?

You need to explain to the manufacturer that you’ll order in bulk if the sample meets the requirements. This tip can help reduce the cost of ordering samples because there is no other way to get free samples on Alibaba.

Can you pay with Amex on Alibaba?

Mastercard, American Express, and visa cards work well on Although, it’s not the cheapest payment option. When you pay through your credit or debit card, you’ll need to pay a 3% transaction fee. Further, the potential foreign transaction or currency conversion charges are carried by your bank.


Can you use Klarna on Alibaba?

Klarna has collaborated with Alipay, which further enables buyers at Aliexpress, the online marketplace of Alibaba Group, to use the “Pay Later” option across several markets.

Can You Use Bitcoin on Alibaba?

No, you can’t use it. The Chinese business-to-business online portal Alibaba prohibits the sale of virtual currency miners and the prohibition against virtual trading currencies such as Bitcoin.


You might have understood entirely that Alibaba is a safe and legit e-Commerce platform. However, people still have different questions surrounding the services and products of Alibaba. Hence, a great frequently asked questions or FAQs section can optimize the user experience, allow the site to gain more visitors, and hold enormous potential.

Since Alibaba Group aims to allow, people to do business anywhere so, the frequently asked questions guide will help improve the user journey by addressing your customers’ needs.