In a globally competitive world today, online B2B websites play an integrated role by ensuring smooth trading and a flourishing economy. When the discussion involves business to business platforms, Alibaba tops the list, as it not only facilitates buyers and sellers to interact but also provides many other services.

The platform enables buyers across the globe to source goods, sellers market their goods, locate tradeshows, buyers find agents, and finally, it also helps clients with shipping solutions.

Needless to say, with the growing trend of online shopping and marketing, more people are joining platforms like Alibaba. Although Alibaba is an incredible platform in Asia, many people may gravitate towards similar options available worldwide.

This article will highlight Alibaba Alternatives in order to provide a great range of choice for the prospective consumers.

1. DH Gate

DH gate is a B2B trading marketplace which is doing business for 15 years. Currently, over 2.2 million sellers are doing business through the website, and 26 million buyers across the globe are sourcing goods. A benefit of buying goods in bulk from DH gate is that the system reduces the prices for bulk purchases, so the buyers do not have to approach the suppliers for discounts.   The website’s partners include the following logistics companies: DHL, FedEx, UPS, and American express.


  • The website has multilingual sellers; this is beneficial for buyers who do not speak English.
  • All the products marketed on the website are inspected by quality control professionals prior to the shipment.
  • Customer information is protected from hackers.


  • The discounts provided on bulk buying are not significant.

2. Amazon

Alibaba Alternatives

When we talk about Alibaba alternatives, Amazon not only provides similar services but goes above and beyond the set benchmark to satisfy its customers.

The B2B market place is used by buyers and sellers. Buyers can purchase goods from Amazon or third party sellers on Amazon and sellers can sell goods. Once an order is placed, it is shipped to the buyer through well-known courier services.


  • The customer service system is incredible on the website; customers can track their orders when they have been dispatched, and if a problem arises they can place complain on the website.
  • Amazon helps customers save money by utilizing coupons and promotions. The website also has a huge variety of goods that do not have shipping costs; customers can save money by buying those goods.


  • Amazon charges hefty commission on each product that is sold on the website through them.

3. Walmart

Walmart is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the worlds. It is based in the USA. Today, Walmart has 10,500 brick and mortar stores running along with online stores. Each seller on Walmart is allowed to create their own return policy, and they are not restricted to follow any rigid guidelines for that.


  • Walmart does not charge a high fee from their sellers. Unlike other platforms that charge monthly fee from the sellers, Walmart only charges referral fee.
  • Walmart reduces price competition for the sellers, as there are only 70,000 sellers on the website, they do not have to compete with millions of sellers over prices to win a customer.


  • Walmart applies the rule of price parity according to which sellers are prevented list lower price for their products on other website. Walmart keep an eye on competitor’s prices and continue to sell reasonably.
Alibaba Alternatives



eWorldTrade is a safe haven for manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers across the globe. It is based in Dallas, Texas. The website is moving mountains by providing value added services such as digital branding, community and reputation management.

The website builds trust among its stakeholders through video testimonials, success stories, best selling products, and special recommendations. It also enables people to search tradeshows on website.


  • The website has a huge variety of goods.
  • A good thing about the website is that buyers can find suppliers by regions. The website has divided suppliers in the regions where they are based so that it is more convenient for buyers to locate someone near them.


  • The prices of goods are not mentioned on the website.
  • The transactions take place on wholesale terms only.

5.    Made in China

Made in China has become a leading B2B marketplace providing trading opportunities to Chinese suppliers and international buyers. The website currently has 6.1 million registered suppliers and 12.1 million buyers.


  • The website has audited suppliers; an audited supplier is verified by the website, so buyers can save time searching for an authentic seller by hiring the one who is audited by the website.
  • Sourcing through the website is convenient. All a buyer has to do is submit request for sourcing and the website will match suppliers according to buyer’s needs, then the supplier will send quotations and the buyer will approach the supplier.


  • Suppliers on the website pose a minimum order quantity below which the order will not proceed.

6.    TradeKey

TradeKey is a B2B commerce marketplace established in 2005, its aim is to promote global trade among importers and exporters. The website currently has over 9 million registered buyers and sellers who use the site for trading purposes.

The website provides different membership offers such as VIP, Goldkey plus, goldkey, and silverkey memberships to its users.   


  • Since the website has 4 different membership packages to choose from, members can easily subscribe to the one that they can afford.
  • The website also offers digital marketing services, logo designing, and web designing services.


  • The reviews for shipment services are not satisfactory. Many customer have experienced delayed shipments, but that is usually a factor in international trading.


ExportersIndia is one of the most well known B2B marketplaces bases in India. The exporters’ directory connects buyers and sellers, importers and exporters globally. The website deals with vast variety of goods such as food and beverages, industrial supplies, Agricultural products, furniture, construction, Apparels, and personal care.


  • The website is user-friendly and does not involve typical functions.
  • Companies/suppliers get to register on the website for free.

8.    Eezee

Eezee is a B2B marketplace based in Singapore. Although the majority of the products on the website are industrial goods, there are many other categories of products on the website. The website came into action in 2017, and it has 1575 suppliers.


  • The platform is very convenient for small to medium sized enterprises.
  • The website offers free delivery for orders that meet the minimum order value, above that value a reasonable delivery fee is charged.


  • The website does not promote customization of goods.

9.    IndoTrading

IndoTrading is a B2B marketplace based in Indonesia. The website offers a wide variety of products ranging from personal care and beauty to industrial and mechanic parts.


  • The online portal is pretty easy to use.
  • Buyers can directly track verified sellers.


  • The website offers only two language options; hence it is not as versatile as other options mentioned in the article.


10.  eBay

eBay is a well know e-commerce website in the USA. The website initially started as an auction site only; however, soon enough it started selling goods on fixed prices as well. Similar to Alibaba, eBay also allows the buyer to submit price offers to the seller for some products and the seller has the option to accept or reject the offer.


  • The website is pretty easy to use and does not inculcate any difficult features.
  • eBay is a huge platform therefore sellers can get access to buyers across the globe.


  • One should remember that these marketplaces exist for their own benefit instead of their clients/customers. eBay’ s seller fees can go up to $250 depending on what you are selling.


The article comprises many alternatives of the e-commerce giant: Alibaba. Choosing any platform for your products can have a huge impact on sales because the target markets differ from website to website. Therefore, one should assess their product, target market, and location preference before making a decision.