Alibaba is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, which offers a wide variety of products and services to its customers. Its competitiveness and great number of suppliers is what makes the site the number 1 preference for buyers when it comes to sourcing products.

Apart from Alibaba, there are many other e-commerce platforms in different parts of the world. If you are wondering whether there are similar sites operating In the USA then this article is your holy-grail.

Buyers source products either domestically or internationally given the location of suppliers and the scope of business. The shipping costs from Alibaba to USA are expensive, so it would benefit anybody residing in the US to seek sites like Alibaba that are in the USA.

Following are the websites in USA which are similar to Alibaba.


1. Amazon

It is no surprise that when the discussion involves ecommerce websites in USA, Amazon tops the list. The website is used by many buyers and sellers dealing with consumer electronics, household supplies, fashion and luxury goods, electronic gadgets etc.

Amazon has an outstanding reputation for customer service. Amazon is different from other ecommerce websites; because, facilitates bloggers and influencers to make money by promoting/marketing, or recommending Amazon’ products on their website.

A key similarity between Amazon and Alibaba is their earning style: both the platforms may earn their revenue my charging fees from sellers and through advertisements.

2. eBAY

EBAY is a USA based ecommerce website operating from San Jose. The website has traffic of whopping 647 million visits each month. It is an incredible website for buyers and sellers to meet and do business together.

The website has 159 million active buyers globally and 19 million sellers. EBay is also a third part provider; the services it provides include inventory management, ecommerce platform, and shipping services.

Although pictures and written description are still basic means of selling product, sellers are now also encouraged to make videos of their products for better promotion.   

For domestic shipment they use FedEx, USPS, and UPS etc and for international shipping they has a program called Global Shipping Program (GSP).

3. Kinnek

Kinnek is an online market place operating from New York. Currently, the company has 20,000 businesses and 2,000 suppliers under its umbrella, and they are raising millions of dollars successfully.

Kinnek enables suppliers to built trust and standout with the help of reviews and testimonials; because online word of mouth is the new means of marketing these days and buyers rely on it. 

The functions of the website are pretty similar to Alibaba, buyers post request for the goods and mention relevant details such as price, quantity etc and the most suitable suppliers will be filtered out through algorithms. Suppliers on Kinnek have to maintain reputation by achieving ratings and reviews.

4. Fashion Tiy

Fashion TIY is a rising e-commerce business that sells over 20 million products globally. The product categories are: women, kids, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, party and festival, men, and sports etc.

All the products offered by Fashion TIY are quality assured and sold at wholesale prices; buyers can save up to 40% on their purchases by shopping from Fashion TIY. Also, they offer standard and priority shipping services: standard shipping would result in cost savvy while priority shipping would make sure the product reaches the buyer prior to delivery time.

Similar to Alibaba, they are known for their customer service. They keep buyers updated regarding product and delivery related matters and swiftly respond to any queries they may have.

The services they provide are: customization, dropshipping, and sourcing service.

5. eWorldTrade

The B2B ecommerce marketplace is situated in USA. At present, it is facilitating cross-border business to over 200 countries. It is a subsidiary of its parent company.

The aim of the company is to create a safe venue for buyers and sellers to interact and transact. Sellers/suppliers get the opportunity to market their offerings and interact with buyers directly.

Buyers and sellers have to register themselves with the website to begin trading. They deal with a vast range of goods belonging to different categories such as toys, furniture, industrial goods, household tools/utensils etc.  

eWorldTrade helps buyers and suppliers find a tradeshow for their products.


Accustomed to changing with trends and evolving, the world has witnessed a great shift from in-store shopping trends to online ecommerce platforms that enable buyers to locate suppliers even in other countries.

Currently, there are plenty of websites operating in different parts of the world. This article includes websites that are like Alibaba and based in the USA.

So, the top 5 websites that are similar to Alibaba are:

  1. Amazon
  2. EBay
  3. Kinnek
  4. Fashion TIY
  5. eWorldTrade