We hail in a technology-driven society where trends change constantly, and a new business, product, or service replaces an old one.  In such a competitive scenario, businesses must stay relevant by marketing their offerings and let the world be aware of their unique services.

Marketing refers to the bunch of activities performed by businesses to promote their goods and services and conduct market research to understand consumers’ preferences and cater to them efficiently.

In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of marketing for export businesses and the top 10 B2B portals for marketing your export business.

Importance of Marketing for Export Businesses

Marketing for your export business

Export businesses are required to create an impression of trustworthiness and stability on their potential clients; therefore, marketing is an essential need to fulfill.

 A business may become more sustainable in the long run if they hire a marketing company to market its offerings. The goal for any export business is not only to fulfill the current needs of the customer but also to anticipate any future needs of the customers and retain them.

Marketing is the key to snowballing sales which is the desired goal for all businesses. It would not matter to have a unique product or service if the export company is not carrying effective market research and using marketing tactics to engage with customers.

Marketing for your export business

Top 10 B2B Portals for Marketing Your Export Business

This article aims to highlight all the B2B portals that can market an export business and ameliorate its presence in the market.

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the world’s biggest B2B platforms, launched in 1999 in Hangzhou, where buyers and sellers from across the globe engage and carry out business activities.

The infamous brick and mortar stores are now becoming a thing of the past, and digital marketing is growing rapidly. Export businesses can conveniently market their offerings to a diverse targeted market, and it is cost-effective as well. 

2. Global Sources

Global sources, established in Singapore in the year 2000, is an online B2B platform that connects buyers with suppliers and manufacturers from across the globe.

‘Global sources’ is one of the first online B2B platforms to be listed in NASDAQ. Global sources.com is also responsible for arranging international trade fairs, mostly related to electronics, which are pertinent to the growth of a business.

3. Tradekey

Tradekey is an online business platform for exporters and importers to interact and transact with ease. It is established in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The majority of the traffic on the website hails from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, China and India.

Tradekey markets the offerings of the exporters and suppliers on its website and facilitates client interactions. The b2b platform is used by around 190 countries which makes it convenient for exporters to engage with a diverse array of target market.

4. DH Gate

Since its inception, DH gate is a digital B2B platform that enables interaction between exporters and importers and markets the offerings of export businesses and minimal rates. Presently, DH gate has nearly 5 million customers from across the globe.

DHgate has several certified exporters to ensure that no frauds take place.

5. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is the subsidiary of its parent company Reckon Media, situated in United States. The digital platform is rendering all the services from Karachi, Pakistan.

The exporters and importers have to register themselves with this platform to carry out transactions.

eWorldTrade has also joined hands with CPEC to ameliorate relations between China and Pakistan. China and Pakistan have escalating suppliers who can export products to international markets, but due to the inadequacy of information and improper marketing may not be able to do so adequately. This platform is a leading marketer for exporters.

6. Made in China

Made in China.com was founded in 1996, and it is operated by focus technology. The website aims to serve global buyers and suppliers and provide trading solutions to enterprises of all types.

7. Indiamart

India mart is one of the leading b2b platforms operating from India. Over 1.5 million sellers use this website to sell their offerings domestically and internationally.

Exporters have the authority to create pages and market their offerings to buyers; sellers can also opt for premium membership to make the most out of this website.

8. ExportHub

ExportHub aims to assist customers who find a limited range of goods on other sites by providing a vast range of offerings. The company operates from Karachi, Pakistan and offers different membership packages to customers, such as standard, gold, and VIP packages.

This website can be very beneficial for exporters in Pakistan to connect with clients globally. The buyers and suppliers are ensured the safety of transactions through account managers and directories.

9. Thomas Net

Thomas Net is a digital B2B platform situated in New York. The website is used by over 1.8 million buyers every month which makes it a Holy Grail website for any exporter to market his unique offering. 

The website deals with 67,000 distinguished categories of industrial supplies and is the best network for industrial and manufacturing exporters and importers.

10. GlobalSpec

GlobaSpec is a B2B platform that deals with industrial goods and services. The company is situated in US. The website has over 24,000 different product listings related to the industrial and manufacturing sector given the increase in demand.

Companies get an intriguing opportunity to connect with other companies and create value for final customers by marketing their products.


This article emphasizes the need for effective marketing of export businesses to flourish and enter the international markets. All the B2B portals discussed in this article may help an export business to maneuver a sustainable position in the international market.

So, the Top 10 B2B Portals for Marketing Your Export Business are:

  1. Alibaba
  2. Global Sources
  3. TradeKey
  4. DH Gate
  5. eWorldTrade
  6. Made in China
  7. IndiaMart
  8. ExportHub
  9. Thomas Net
  10. Global Spec



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