On the surface, exporting may seem like a daunting task. As a potential exporter, you will need to have an offering that matches the requirements of the party you are looking to sell to. Even then, you will have to successfully pitch your product to them, convince them it’s the thing they are looking for, and most importantly, deliver it.

To assist with this and to provide a seamless platform that makes the aforementioned tasks a breeze, we have the “United States Commercial Service” at our disposal.

The United States Commercial Service (USCS) serves as the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration’s branch of encouraging and promoting overseas trade.

Established in 1980, the USCS currently boasts more than 100 offices in 70 countries worldwide employing experts and specialists on international trade offering a variety of services with the principal offering of enabling us to connect to and find overseas buyers for our product or service.

How to Get Started

The USCS offers various export solutions, the most notable of which are:

Since we are interested in the “Finding Buyers & Partners” category, we will be diving deeper into the resources available for that and how to make effective use of them.

United States Commercial Service (USCS)

Types of Facilities Available

The following services provided by USCS can be availed to engage with overseas buyers:

  • International Partner Search
  • U.S Exporter Directory
  • Gold Key Service
  • Single Company Promotion

International Partner Search

What it is

This particular service is marketed by the USCS as a time and money saving offering that helps you to identify various foreign buyers or strategic personnel.

Under this facility, they provide you with a list of up to 5 potential buyers interested in your product or service. The process involves sophisticated research to identify potentially interested buyers. Your information is forwarded to them and the ones displaying positive outlook are made a list of and provided to you.

Virtual meetings between you and the firm and more contacts can be arranged on a separate fee.


The pricing depends on the legal size of your company (if it classifies as a small, medium or a large company), starts at $750 and increases with company size and the number of potentials demanded.

U.S Exporter Directory

What it is

USCS has a business directory that goes by “Featured U.S Exporters Listing”. This opportunity provides you with yet another platform to market yourself which can be further improved through SEO and keyword ranking.

When someone is listed in the FUSE directory, they are marketing themselves to foreign buyers who may be interested in their products or service. This directory provides foreign entities with an easy channel to reach out to USCS officials who can then connect them to you. This allows niche markets to get in contact with you to enhance your export opportunities.


Pricing is categorized on the basis of company size with additional charges for different language translations, more than 5 markets and separate annual renewal fees with membership starting at $150.

Gold Key Service

What it is

This offering is somewhat similar to the “International Partner Search” in the sense that USCS find potential buyers for you. In this case however, it acts more like a matchmaker.

A comprehensive process is ensured to identify and contact potential businesses. One-on-one meetings are setup between you and your potential partner after extensive screening by USCS’s experts and professionals to make sure you get just the right fit of your export-worthy buyer.


The pricing depends on the legal size of your company (if it classifies as a small, medium, or a large company), starts at 950$ and increases with company size and the number of appointments requested.

Single Company Promotion

What it is

As can be deducted by the title, “Single Company Promotion” consists of a variety of promotional events to market your company so as to extend its reach to an audience of potential buyers in overseas markets.

These events include holding press conferences, seminars or other meetings with the goal of increased awareness about your company. This help extends from conducting mail campaigns to providing logistical and technical support to you.


The pricing depends on the legal size of your company (if it classifies as a small, medium, or a large company) and is charged on an hourly rate ranging from 30$ all the way up to $90.

U.S. Commercial Service Eligibility


To avail the mentioned services provided by the USCS, there are certain criteria that your company is required to meet before you can proceed.

  • To be considered a small business, it must meet the standards set by the “Small Business Administration”.
  • To be considered a medium scale business, its yearly revenue must not exceed 1 billion US dollars.
  • Any business that does not qualify as small or medium scale will be considered to be a large-scale business.
  • In any service offered, costs that are not mentioned in the service contract but are incurred will be assumed by you.

Summary & Conclusion

Even though exporting is considered a somewhat hard task that requires professional expertise, the government has provided us with a well-managed and sophisticated platform to meet all our export needs and then some.

To sum up, USCS provides you with a wide variety of tools and opportunities to expand your business offerings across borders while making sure you are accommodated and counselled every step of the way by legitimate trade professionals with a primary focus on finding and establishing fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships with overseas buyers.


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