12: Pro-Forma Invoices           

How to Quote on  Export Sales
(Runtime: ? minutes)

In this 12th session of Export-U2 we will discuss how to quote on international sales using Pro-Forma Invoices. As the webinar explains, these are not invoices as such, but rather detailed quotations provided to overseas customers. They clearly spell out what is included in the quotation and what is not, and they become legal documents that define the terms of sale.  This session will explain how exporters can use Pro-Formas to quote safely on export sales, and will explain the required contents and structure of these important export documents.

Dimitris KloussiadisDimitris Kloussiadis, who teaches this session, is Senior international Business Consultant with the  Georgia SBDC International Trade Center. He  has over 28 years' experience in international business, in both the public and private sectors. While in the private sector, he established an extensive network of international distributors and dealers in the Middle East and North African markets. Earlier in his career he owned an import business which marketed European and Asian products to US architectural and construction firms, and to major US department stores. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Louisiana, and an M.B.A. in International Business from Georgia State University. He is also a Certified Global Business Professional.

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