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Link to NASBITE CE pageNow, let’s check to see how much you have learned.

Okay, now that you’ve seen all of the webinars, you can test yourself to find out how much of the information you’ve retained. Not to worry, this test is open-book and untimed, also you can take it as many times as you like. Once you have achieved a passing score of 70% or better,  you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion. If you are a NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) and wish to maintain your credential, successfully completing the test entitles you to four recertification credits.

If you are not already a CGBP, you might consider applying for this career enhansing credential. It is the only nationally recognized certification for business people working in the international trade arena. You can read much more about the credential and its value by visiting the NASBITE website at

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