• Distance: People located away from major cities find it difficult to attend classes which are typically offered in urban centers,
  • Time: Many people are just too busy to attend traditional classroom training during normal business hours,
  • Speed: Businesses often need quick information on a specific topic rather than theoretical ramblings, and
  • Skill: People seeking professional trade counseling often do not benefit fully because they lack a very basic  understanding of trade terms, issues, and procedures.

Why On-line?: Our on-line format lets more people in more places view the webinars. To date, thousands of  businesses from all 50 states have attended.

  • Targeted: Each webinar offers practical bite-sized segments on specific international business topics, so site visitors  can quickly get precisely the information they need.
  • Expandable: Over time, we can continually build, update, and improve the site's content.
  • Self-sustaining: Operating costs are minimal, and much of the labor volunteered, so only modest  support funding is needed.
  • Complements other trade services: Companies new to trade often find that the webinars provide good  fundamental information that helps them to derive the most benefit from other trade assistance services.

Our Track Record: SBDC International Trade Center (ITC) is a key partner in Atlanta’s US Export Assistance  Center, along with the US Commercial Service, the US Small Business Administration, SCORE, the State of Georgia, and others.

  • Experience: Our team has over 45 years of experience delivering export training to thousands of  small  businesses,
  • National award winner: We received the 2011 NASBITE Program Excellence Award from the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators,
  • Expert staff: The staff has diverse private sector business experience in international marketing, finance, ogistics, and operations.

Our Goal: To deliver free and practical export training....

This web site is the product of collaboration between the International Trade Center of the University of Georgia SBDC, and the US Export Assistance Center, in Atlanta. It has been developed with the generous support of the U. S. Department of Commerce, through its Rural Export Initiative (REI), and with the help of other sponsors identified on site.

  •  The Challenge: American companies can grow their sales, employment, and profits by developing export sales, but they confront many obstacles:

Image: All  over web, multiple US and  foreign government and non-profit sites including.

Your Input is Welcome. Please send us your comments and suggestions, especially on future webinar topics.



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